I found another blog I'm in love with.

Sometimes simply reading a blogger's About Me-type section has me hooked.

This blogger loves, "Jesus, gay people, adoption, rearranging furniture." She says, "In combining all my loves, I have asked Jesus to help me adopt Nate Berkus."

This is how I knew she was witty, a simple quality that has me returning to a blog.

I found she has been through some hardships, and her blog -- like mine -- helps her to heal.

She's a recovering bulimic and alcoholic.  The news that she was pregnant in 2002 changed her life. She says she never had another drink, cigarette, drug, unhealthy relationship, or food binge.

This is the part of her 'About Me' I felt the most connected with:

"I write this blog because it’s part of my healing process. Healing starts fresh each morning. I pour myself out and drink you all in. Because sharing life’s brutiful is what connects us and makes us less afraid. Life can’t be stuffed down with food or booze or exercise or work or cutting or shopping for long. Hiding from life causes its own unique pain, and it’s lonely pain. We have to Live – we have to show up for ourselves and each other – even when it hurts. It’s the only way through.

Showing up at Momastery heals me- as do fresh air, deep breaths, yoga, the sun, church, friend time, water in any form, messages from you, feeding myself well, my Sister, snuggling my dog, and reading anything written honestly.

Shopping does not help me heal, but I will die trying to disprove that."

Reading anything written honestly. I try to do that, and love to read honestly-written things. It's important to me right now.

Someone who knows me well told me yesterday, "Sass (that's what she calls me....) I always thought you were super private, but your blog reveals so much. We see into your lives. Thanks for opening it to the world."

I guess I'm learning I'm not super private anymore, and that in order to heal I need not to hide everything away.

As always, thanks for reading my little blurbs.

And thanks to a reader/commenter who stumbled on my blog and pointed me in the direction of Momastery.


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