Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I logged onto my old MySpace page today.  I realized a couple things.

1) Poor MySpace. It wasn't all that bad.  Why did it have to die? 

2) I was way cuter when MySpace was around. Facebook apparently made me ugly. wtf? 

The URL I apparently made up for myself back in 2006 when I started my page was

Must have been during my nose ring phase...

This was around 2007 when I was still working at WPDE in Myrtle Beach. When you see any yellow in the picture at all -- that's usually what that means.

Found this gem under 'Profile Pics'. At what point did I think this was ever a good idea? PROFILE PIC? And, I probably couldn't afford it, but at least I was rocking the Starbucks.

Oh, I was so happy not to be working as a waitress anymore... even though I made more money....

Aha! My Face bling! It's teeny but it's there. I remember someone saying to me... "I've never known someone who wore a nose ring and listened to Ashlee Simpson." 

Nose bling again!  Oh the dirty comments I got on this one. I didn't care. It was my birthday.

Barfaroni! (Me, not Jimmy) This must be around the time Facebook popped up on my radar...

So I also used to do these questionnaires on myself all the time in the "Blogs" section of MySpace.
I'm going to cut and paste my 2007 answers and add my 2012 answers to compare Past Me and Present Me and compare. Funzies, right?

Quiz first taken on December 30, 2007

1. Which friend or family member's birthday is next?
2007:  Jamie Marvin's is today!
2012: Catherine Osborne

2. Take the letters in your name & switch them around. What else can you spell?

2007:  Mejaii
2012: Jeamii

3. Who do you call when you're upset?  

2007: Mom or boyfriend
2012: Therapist?

4. Do you have any mental disorders? 

2007: Still working to confirm that one...
2012: See above.

5. Do you watch the groundhog on groundhog day? 

2007: It's hard to avoid it at work... ugh.
2012: No.

6. How long was your longest relationship? 

2007: 2 years, i think.
2012: Coming up on 7 years...

7. What's your favorite possession? 

2007: I have several from when I was a child.
2012: Jimmy's wedding band, anything I can find with his handwriting; also a peridot heart charm I've kept from my Mom's old charm bracelet

8. What's the best snack in the world? 

2007:  Crackers and dip, chips and salsa... veggies and ranch... apples and peanut butter.
2012: Salty -- Extra sharp cheddar cheese and reduced fat Triscuits. Sweet: Dark chocolate chips melted in with natural peanut butter. Bananas dipped in.

9. Where did you have your first kiss?

2007:  I was in the fourth grade... with Johnathan. At least that's what my diary says.
2012: Yeah, I'll go with that I suppose.

10. How many things do you own that your parents don't know about?  

2007: Lots.
2012: Yep.

11. How many times can you spin around in circles without being dizzy? 

2007: 10? Who knows...
2012: Why did I spend my time answering these dumb ass questions?

12. Have you ever burnt something while trying to cook? 

2007: Uh, yeah.
2012: Quadruple that.

13. Have you ever played strip beer pong?  

2007: Nope. That's a new one.
2012: Ew.

14. Do you like ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together? 

2007: No. Mustard and Mayo. mixed, yes.
2012: Good to see some things never change.

15. Favorite color of yarn?

2007: Is that really a question... ???
2012: This question just makes me angry five years later.

16. Would you shave all your hair off for $20,000? 

2007: Yes.
2012: Still, yes.

17. How many cousins, aunts, uncles do you have? 

2007: Too many to count!!
2012: I'm so glad I didn't waste time trying to correctly answer that...

18. Have you ever been to the mountains? 

2007: Yes.
2012:  Yes. Again.

19. Ever took a bunch of straws and put the ends together to make one long one? 

2007: Yes.
2012: Oh, I did that for Jimmy recently.

20. Do you like to catch lightning bugs in jars? 

2007: I did all the time back in the day in Ohio when I was a kid.
2012: Aw, memories. Poor bugs that suffocated.

21. What are some of your favorite sounds? 

2007: OCEAN!
2012: Still the ocean. But also: coffee brewing, the sound of money being dispensed at the ATM, and Jimmy laughing.

22. What about smells? 

2007: Vanilla, fresh cut flowers... the ocean.
2012: Pretty much. Also, coffee.

23. What is your favorite Subway sub? 

2007: Tuna, or a pizza sub.
2012: Ew, Tuna? Now, ham and roast beef. Lots of pickles. Banana peppers. Mustard.

24. How many different teachers have you had in your entire life so far?  

2007: A lot... that's what happens when you go to school.
2012: Haha. Good answer, old me.

25. Did u know that if u point at someone, u have 3 fingers pointing back at u?  

2007: Yes. I have learned that one the hard way.
2012: Yeppers. (Holy shit, this is a long quiz)

26. Do you like big crowds? 

2007: Only like once or twice a year.
2012: Same.

27. Are you capable of using all of your senses? 

2007: Sure.
2012: Yes.

28. (Omitted)

2012: Omitted? Why?

29. Ever walked along a railroad track? 

2007: Not sure.
2012: Uhm, I think so...

30. Have you ever done anything strange with Windex? 

2007: Just the window-washing thing.
2012: ^what she said.

31. What age do you think is acceptable to get married? 

2007: At least wait for the 20's!
2012: ^what she said.  

32. Are you manipulative or manipulated?

2007:  No and... maybe.
2012: No and still... maybe.  

33. Do grammatically correct people annoy you?

2007:  No. I learn from them.
2012: I still love them.

34. As a child did you eat your vegetables? 

2007: Mom made me.
2012: Especially the ones covered in cheese.

35. If you were to get a tattoo of either a moon or a sun which would you pick?  

2007: Cresent Moon. Yay, G-Phi-B.
2012: Really, old me? Probably neither now. Well, maybe the moon still. And also, wonder when I learned to correctly spell crescent.

36. Do you yell at random people? 

2007: No, do you?
2012: ^Hahaha!

37. What school lunches did you like in elementary school? 

2007: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, rectangle pizza, crinkle cut french fries, grape slushies.
2012: AND, those fries dipped in my mustard/mayo combo.

38. What are your thoughts on mustard?  

2007: Love it!!
2012: Uhm -- see above.

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