The Everywhereist

It always makes for a good day when your favorite professional blogger READS YOUR BLOG and COMPLIMENTS YOU ON IT.

I mean, who I am I?

This thing I do... I call it venting consistently while hoping for someone to just read along.

This lady made Time Magazine's Best Blogs of 2011. Today she wrote about Viagra Gelato. My hero.

I totally retweeted that crap today. It was hilarious. She tweeted back! She read my blog, our story, and told me it made her all goosebumpy and teary. She told me to keep up the awesome work.

Whether she was talking about what I do day-to-day in my journey with Jimmy or my writing about it -- I don't know. It was nice to get some feedback from someone like that, either way. She's kind of a celeb to me..

Her blog name is The Everywhereist. Her name is Geraldine. She rocks that name... and a nose ring.

Geraldine started her blog (I think) after she got laid off. She sees it as a blessing now because she gets to travel with her super-cool husband, Rand. They live in Seattle.

He gets to go to all sorts of places for work. I'm highly jealous of their travels.

She recently had a brain tumor. She had freaking brain surgery! It appears she's better now.

I mean, we've been through a lot but brain tumor/brain surgery carry a certain level of scardypantness I don't know if I could deal with. Although, I wouldn't have thought I could ever handle having a husband with a spinal cord injury.

That happened before I started reading her blog, but I caught myself up. Let's put it this way: it made reading about a brain tumor enjoyable.

She's witty, clever, creative, real and has a much larger vocabulary than I. Sometimes I have to look things up.

Okay, that's enough female-crushing for tonight.

Geraldine: keep doing what you're doing. You continue to pave the way...

I'm gonna go read a dictionary now.

Just kidding. I'm going to watch Frasier re-runs.

Which is like reading a dictionary at times...


  1. Sooo cool :) Good for you, Jaimie! You're big time now. Celeb status..


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