Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 22nd

I'm kind of heartbroken about this. We won't be able to attend the wedding of our dear friends Aaron and Julie.

Julie is Jimmy's best female friend.

I admit. I was kind of jealous of her when Jimmy and I started dating. I didn't understand their relationship and why he held her on a pedestal.

I didn't get it, therefore -- jealously.

Julie and Aaron came to our wedding. I remember having a wonderful, perfectly normal, down-to-earth conversation with them although I was nervous about meeting her.  It was fine. She was great. I immediately loved them.

Jimmy's accident brought us a whole lot closer. Julie was very involved... all the way from Boston. She talked to Jimmy a lot -- asking him loads of questions. She is a TV news reporter, after all. 

They also came to The Shepherd Center when we were still inpatient and they came to Jimmy's first post-injury birthday party in Myrtle Beach.  I remember watching the sweetest moment between them.

Julie and Jimmy were saying goodbye at the end of the evening. Julie was crying. Which -- I'm learning -- isn't abnormal behavior for her. My heart melts when I see how much she cares for him.

I was starting to get it.

A lot of people care for Jimmy. A lot. We've learned this throughout everything. But Julie and Jimmy have a bond (actually, I'm quite convinced Julie is the female version of Jimmy. Throwing f-bombs around and such. It's hilarious to see their similarities). 

This is why it was so hard to come to the decision that we wouldn't be able to make it to their Massachusetts wedding.  When it was time to decide, it all felt so overwhelming for us. The trip alone would be 14-16 hours. 

Maybe it was me that felt more overwhelmed. But luckily, Jimmy saw that and respected that. We made the very tough decision not to go.

It's really hard. We should be there. We should repay them the favor for everything they've done for us.

Luckily, we know they are two very understanding people.

It was just a few weeks ago when Julie texted me and told me that instead of favors at their wedding, they were going to be making a donation -- in Jimmy's name -- to The Shepherd Center.

Uhm, tears.

What an amazing honor.

I mean... no favors at a wedding? Jimmy needs to know what a huge sacrifice this is. I will make him aware.

We're so very thankful to Julie and Aaron for everything they've done.  We so wish we could be there. Julie will be gorgeous, because she always is. Aaron is such a cutie-patootie and will look amazing in a tux.

Maybe we'll get some champagne on their wedding day and make a toast to the happy couple, from Atlanta.

We're so happy for them.
This is the donation announcement that will sit on each table.
We're so grateful.

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