Thank You

Being that Jimmy's accident happened less than two months after our wedding, I lost track of wedding thank yous.
Maybe I sent some out after the accident. I'm sure those people were shocked. But not even sure about that. I know there are several people who gave us gifts who didn't get get a thank you.
I know you understand.
But just in case -- here. 
This is the thank you I had made up with some of the pictures taken from the wedding. 
To the many of you who traveled a great distance (even those who didn't) and brought us wedding goodies, thank you so much.  To those who were there to witness our big day, thank you.  To those who made the best of some questionable music circumstances, thanks!
To those who drank too much and vandalized our wedding photo -- look away! This nice blog post is not for you! (I will find you, you drunks!)
We made lots of memories that night. We laughed, danced, drank and were in the best of company.  
For many, that was the last time they saw Jimmy able-bodied.
So a wonderful, but maybe difficult memory for some.
A great night, nonetheless.


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