Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tweets From Strangers

Twitter is such an interestingly wonderful place. 

You get to follow your favorite people on the planet, including celebs. You feel like you're best buds, even though you're so not.

You get to follow the happenings of people who do wonderful things who are like 40 states away. People you admire, but probably never will meet. People you know but, sadly, may never see again due to circumstance. People you used to see three times a week, and now maybe once or twice a year. People you see all the time.

I abolutely love Twitter.

Throughout all of this, our friends and family have come through -- times a million That doesn't surprise us. We've always been surrounded by wonderful people.

But, I'm shocked and amazed at the generosity and concern from complete strangers.

I usually send out my blogs through Twitter. Sometimes it gets shared in circles that extend nationally and even globally.

These are just some of the tweets have come back to me... people I don't even know!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

read your whole blog last night. Cried. Then felt so grateful for healthy husband and children. Praying for you 2, what a gift u r 
Thnx for the follow! I had a moment to read your powerful story. What a Legacy you 2 are *living.* I am truly and
You are a strong couple. I know good things will be there for you both in the future... // I just knew this was a very personal blog, but-- after going back & reading your husband's story-- a must share.
I am in tears reading your love letter to your husband...amazing your journey in one year!

Trent Acker@trentacker
this was awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Humans can be so great.

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