Vintage Jimmy

I came across these photos while working on a project. Jimmy is not going to be happy about this. Actually, he may be. He may say he was "hot" at any age. Was he not the cutest kid ever with that pile of curly hair?
Then... it started to grow... just a little (a lot) in the back.
This is really where our age difference shows. Steely Dan was never a favorite band of mine and I was too young to remember this hairstyle being popular.  Like, elementary school young. 
Although, I vaguely remember a time when my uncle used to get the back of his hair permed and thinking that was normal.  
God bless photos.

Don't worry. I told Jimmy I'd post my old Glamour Shots when I found them. I'm pretty sure I was wearing a United States flag -- leather -- jacket. Hair teased. A whole lot of make-up. 

Oh yeah, oh yeah.


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