My friend went to Hawaii... and all I got was this silly mug.

Who am I kidding?

She knows me well. Got me my mug from the Starbucks in Hawaii. I adore this mug! The handle is huge. The mug is bone china and slightly oversized.

She knows me so well.

I have tons of mugs in my cabinet. I tend to love my Starbucks mugs thee best.

Someone called me a snob this weekend. I think they were right.

The mug is good, but the coffee tastes extra good this morning.

My body was not done sleeping when the alarm went off at 8am.

A good vacation... a long day of packing medical supplies, packing the van, driving a seven (plus) hour trip that should have taken six, unpacking the van, unpacking medical supplies, starting laundry....

The coffee tastes so good in my new mug this morning.

Hoping for a good day.

Jimmy has a scary doctor's appointment today. A trach change. Semi-traumatic for him.

So, needing this fuel.


  1. Beautiful!! I have my favorite mugs too! Most have chips from over use! :)


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