Friday, October 5, 2012

Middle Finger

So I was texting with one of Jimmy's friends the other day.

Just small talk. He'll be visiting in November.

After discussing some of those generic details, he asked me how Jimmy was.

He asked me a question I hadn't gotten in awhile.

He texted, "How is Jimmy? What is the prognosis on him walking again? What are the doctors saying?"

These types of questions sometimes are tough to answer.  They force me to dig deep and kind of face reality, if only for three minutes.

Truth is, I've never asked his doctors if he'll walk again.

I don't want to hear their answer, for a couple of reasons.

First -- because I probably know what they'll say, which is -- most likely not.

Second -- not having a doctor's final, rubber stamp on it leaves things open-ended for us.

We like to live on hope.

There are so many people who continue to pray for a miracle. All the time, they continue to tell me they know a miracle will happen for us.

I don't want to vanquish all of that; just dismiss it all by being too realistic or pessimistic.

So, I've never asked the question to any of Jimmy's doctors,"Will Jimmy ever walk again?"


Jimmy and I aren't living in fantasy land. We know --probably-- what will happen/not happen.

We're thankful he's using a chair in a day and age where most places are accessible and have to be, by law.

I'm thankful he's able to ride shot-gun in a tank-like van that keeps him safe on the road (seriously, VW's are the shiz).

And these days, we'll let others take care of hoping for a miracle for Jimmy to walk again. Believe me, they have risen to the occasion.

We have maybe curbed our own hopes and goals.  Like, we hope for Jimmy to regain some arm movement.

Do me a favor. Pinch each of your arms right now. Clap. Raise the roof. Hold a coffee mug. Take a bite of your bagel. Grab your phone and feel the ease of connecting to the world. A thumbs up. A middle finger. Anything...

What we wouldn't give for any of that... even just the middle finger.

I have faith that one day, I'll be able to publish a photo of Jimmy flicking you off right here on this very blog.

Oh, what a joyous day that will be.

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  1. Certainly looking forward to that along with you!