"I got so focused on the difficulty of the climb, I lost sight of being grateful for simply having a mountain to climb."  
-- Oprah

I sit here on the little balcony of our hotel room at the beach.  This is home for me, and kind of home for Jimmy, as well.

We don't get back too often because of our routine in Atlanta, but when we do, people completely open their hearts and homes to us.

My mom, who has a horrible back, stood in her kitchen and made -- from scratch -- three plus  meals for us. She'd do anything for us. And, GOD I miss her homemade Italian food. Nothing like it in the world.

My aunt. Who brought a family birthday party to us, because Jimmy couldn't get in her house.

Our former co-workers/friends -- who all started clapping when Jimmy rolled in his old pub hangout.

People who make it a priority to see Jimmy and I during a busy work week.

After our first night here... a wonderful friend (practically family) brought us groceries, so we'd have food to eat at the hotel that wasn't all junk.

She also got me a surprise. The latest Oprah magazine.

I used to read her Oprah's all the time, awhile back when we still lived here.

Last night, I opened it. Started with the last page... just so happens to be O's monthly editorial. She talked about how she got so busy at one point -- she stopped writing in her gratitude journal.

Then she realized.... she's always been busy.  She says she's not too busy to jot down, even electronically, at least one thing she's grateful for each day.

Coming home makes me realize that we have such a great support system.

Like -- the best.

As I sit here staring off into the ocean, snuggled in my warm blanket, I realize this trip helped me to see  I'm grateful for:

1) This life. My mountain.
2) The generosity that is shown to us.
3) The love Jimmy's friends continue to show him. Especially when he needs it the most.
4) The lovely motorcycle that just revved up annoyingly loud, just to let me know this place hasn't changed.
5) My husband. Who didn't sleep well last night, but will be smiling soon enough just the same.


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