Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, I arranged for Jimmy and I to get some professional photographs taken. And I'm so
glad I did.
I felt weird doing it, ya know, since they aren't engagement, maternity or family photos.
The wonderful Michelle Scott got it. We had so much fun with her. She's the bombs. I would recommend her to anyone.
In our apartment are nothing but pre-injury photos. Happy, Yay, No-Worries-But-We-Work-In-News-And-Are-Broke kinds of photos!
So I wanted to change that.
We have a new life and are in an okay place. 
We need some now photos in our home so I don't get sad being surrounded only by able-bodied pics.
I think these help.


  1. You are gorgeous Jaimie! I love the one where you are leaning/tilted head on his head. You look extra beautiful there!

  2. Beautiful people beautiful photos!! Great idea too!!!

  3. I can tell you now that I want copies of some of these when I come to Atlanta in November. You guys look awesome . Love you both

  4. Great pictures! Love them!