Three's Company

We're very lucky in that we get full-time nursing care.

We certainly need it as Jimmy is fully dependent on others for most things.

This allows me to leave the house to get groceries, go pick-up meds, play tennis -- get me time as I need.

I can go... and bring my outside experiences back home.

With that said, it can be extremely difficult always having someone else in our home. There's always someone there.  They are required to be there.  24 hours a day.

It sometimes prevents my candid silliness and my singing loudly and horribly to Jimmy.

Well not totally... maybe I still sing a little.

But it's nice when the nurses understand and realize that it can be hard for me -- or us.

Sometimes our nurses will surprise me.

They'll take out my kitchen garbage. One nurse will occasionally clean (by hand) the dishes in my sink. And when I leave my laundry in the washer/dryer, sometimes I'll come in to find my clothes folded.

It's rare, but soooo nice.  Expecting to grab a monster load out of the dryer only to find it nicely folded on Jimmy's bed, ready for pick-up.

Most of the time, I'll live out of my clean clothes basket.

I have an appreciation for our nurses who make good use of their time. Always looking for something to do.

A lot of times, that work ethic is hard to find.

I think we have a good group of nurses, now.

We know it could be worse: we use to have a nurse who would eat liver pudding -- on my good plates -- and leave the dirty dish in the sink for me to clean.  I nearly puked. That same nurse tried to cook a raw egg (shell on) in my microwave nearly causing our house to explode.

We have stain the size of Minnesota in Jimmy's room where a nurse spilled her juice -- and tried to clean it with 409.

And then there was the nurse who woke me up with her snoring... and the nurse who would eat our food.

Luckily as I said -- our nurses now, they're a good group.

It seems to be very much a trial and error situation -- getting the nurses you are comfortable with in your home every single hour of the day.

There are very good nurses out there... we are lucky to have some of them now.  One is actually very nurturing to Jimmy.  I call her our Mama-nurse.

As difficult as it can be to have a semi-stranger in your house all the time... I know it's needed.  Life would be pretty unbearable at this stage without nursing care.

But, I clearly, on some level, resent their being here. Those are my own personal issues, not Jimmy's. Maybe that's why I appreciate them making their presence a little easier to deal with.

I love those... who just get it.


  1. I finally got a chance to read this. So very interesting that I just wrote a paper on the Protestant Work Ethic (which is a whole scary thing about working your way to heaven.) I totally agree that finding people who can do the job and once in a while put a little EXTRA in to make things better is awesome. That is what you and Jimmy brought to the newsroom. And I sure do miss that :).

    Keep blogging lady, we are reading and enjoying.


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