Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Four

Today was one of those weird days.

I became a little agitated (more than usual) early this morning. Sometimes the coffee doesn't help with that. It fuels it.

Jimmy asked how and why my mood changed so suddenly. Like... what happened to piss me off?

I blame The Election.

I stayed up way too late watching. I think I forgot to blink at times.

I got lost in the CNN touch screen and John King. When he'd get real deep into it I tried to follow. But at some point it just becomes difficult math... which sucks.  

I mean, the dang touch screen has it's own Wikipedia page.

I watched election coverage with a heavy heart.

Jimmy and I both would have been waist deep in it if we were still working at the station.

But, what makes it a little more forgiving? I will never, ever forget how stressful and hard it was.  News was hard, in general. But Election Day? Fuggedaboutit.

I do think I was feeling a little sympathy anxiety for my newsie-homies as the day went on.

I had been in the thick of it for the last two presidential ("W" Round 2 & Obama Round 1) elections.

Election day is a day all news employees dread, but secretly don't altogether hate (unless your show or live shot self-implodes). A day when you use all of the technological eggs in your basket. Stations just put it all out there, which is extremely risky. Technology can be a bitch.

It was nice to get comfortable and settle in at home. Jimmy and I both watched until he was off to bed.

When the polls closed, my adrenaline started to rush a little.  The urgency in the day and that moment got to me.

It was nice to be just a citizen. Someone who voted and wanted to watch the results like everyone else. To be able to cheer my candidate on ... something usually frowned upon in a newsroom.

I stayed up as long as I could.  I went in Jimmy's room for company as the projections started pouring in.

I experienced exhilaration when the election was called. I know he did too, a little. I think. It's hard to tell with him.

A much different scenario four years ago. Both with us, and the nation.

For me, this election meant just more than voting in my party or voting for the "cooler" guy. (I mean, who's gonna argue that John McCain is cooler than Barack Obama? Not that McCain's cameo on Parks and Rec was anything short of amazing!)

The issues get important as you get to growing-up.

I care about my friends who are gay and deserve equality like the rest of us.

Stem cell research is obviously on our radar now.

I care about women's rights. People who think it's their decision to limit birth control, get rid of Planned Parenthood, make decisions for women about abortion? Uhm no (My friend Kim said it a little more bluntly in her blog... using the word uterus and everything. It was awesome). 

It was a historic election on many levels.

Although... I'm not sure about the legalizing of pot. Whaaaaaa? Can that be a good thing?

And I realize that no one President has all the perfect solutions.  I actually think some of my positions may sway right. Maybe. Or maybe in the middle somewhere.

But, I'm happy with more freedom. More equality. More respect.

It's the good part about being in this country... and we can't afford to move backwards.

I was surprised, yet so happy-hearted to read the following tweet from one of the most stubborn Republicans known on TV. 

Especially after the ridiculous hatred tainting my Facebook feed. Ugh.

"You cannot love the game only when your player wins. We remain to be the greatest nation and Barack Obama is OUR President."
-Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View


  1. Yeah, the not being in the news room during an election thing takes a while to get used to. I still get pangs every now and again.