Apparently, I Was Ready for Some Football...

Omg. So, last night I attended my first NFL game. In Atlanta. Against the Saints. The only team that beat this said team.

Sensory overload. In a good way.

There's a lot they don't show on TV. 

Like, the really fun, loud stuff.

Building-sized flags being run up the field after each touchdown.
All the rap music.
The chanting.
All the rap music.
Little kids on the field.
LUDACRIS for the halftime show. (Uhm, mind. blown.)
More rap music.
When The Atlanta Housewife's husband would come up on the in-house monitors. He plays for them! (Jimmy shook his head a whole bunch when I announced that).
Seeing the behind-the-scenes cameras... the NFL Network set-up and break down of the set, seeing sideline reporters chase down coaches on the way to the locker rooms, etc.
So cool!

Me during the fun stuff: Omg. They don't show ANY of this stuff on TV.
Jimmy: Yeah.
Me: But, why don't they show any of this stuff on TV?!
Jimmy: No one wants to see this crap.
Me, realizing I'm not cool: Oh.

Getting settled in early. I PLANNED that.

Thing is, I'm still too new here to be an Atlanta sports fan. I don't feel it yet. I wore pink shoes and a scarf with pink in it to the game.

I kind of was cheering for the Saints, I guess. I mean, we honeymooned in New Orleans...

I found that to be not as fun. There were no other Saints fans around where we were. There was no music when the team scored. I barely knew when it happened. Like, I really didn't know for sure if it happened until the score changed.

Oh, the entire city knew when the Falcons scored.

I also got the side-eye a bunch when I would clap loudly for "The Other Team."

Driving to and from The Georgia Dome wasn't as bad as expected.  Planning to go early and leave early helped.  Getting stuck for two hours in Braves vs. Yankees this past summer helped me to prepare a little better.

My Dad and his wife were here in town to visit. They were the ones who convinced us to go and took us. I never would have been like... "Hey, let's go to a game!"

But, I'm glad we went. It was extremely fun times. Especially, since I am becoming more interested in football this year.

Jimmy, Me and my pink/purpley scarf and my Dad.
Watching Drew Brees do his thing in person was kind of huge.  Except, last night, he did the opposite of what his thing is. He actually was pretty horrible last night. Like, a career low. Ick. I felt like a ginormous bad luck charm.

Jimmy had the official "I'm reallllly happy, but not going to talk about it" grin on his face.

That, as you know, makes me realllllly happy, as well.

We could get used to this place.


  1. Classic Jaimie, cheering for the other team. Ha. Glad you got there early and had a good time. Did you eat? I've heard the food is yummy.


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