Fall In Atlanta

This time last year, I was in a hellish bubble of trying to figure our new life out. The logistics of relocating, Jimmy being discharged, our new non-Shepherd nurses -- it was a nightmare of a month, November.

When we arrived in Atlanta in 2011, it was late August -- not quite fall. But somewhere in between literally living at Shepherd and a hotel and then finding an apartment in October, the seasons did actually change.

It took me a year to actually be okay enough to see it.  To breath in and out and take it all in.

Fall in Atlanta is just beautiful.

I forgot how much I loved this season.  The further I get away from the beach, the more gorgeous it is.

There's something about a nice chill in the air with a gorgeous city line -- and yet, still having trees with fall colors and leaves crunching under your feet.

Tonight, I was supposed to go to tennis. But it got rained out. I was actually kind of glad.

A chilly, rainy night. 

I've been waiting for a good time to make some homemade cocoa.

This is a lower-sugar recipe. It's really rustic -- if cocoa can be rustic. You taste the bitter cocoa. You taste the cinnamon. It's not sweet. But adding the whipped cream adds just a little sweetness.

Jimmy doesn't really care for it... probably because it's not out of a paper envelope, mass produced and all sugar. I adore it.

I look forward to having this when it gets cold.

It made for a good night.  Me and Hubs, enjoying a nice little fall evening in Atlanta... one year later.


  1. Ooh...that hot cocoa looks VERY good!
    So glad you had such a cozy evening.I always thought Spring in Atlanta was gorgeous too...

  2. I'm with jimmy! Give the stuff in the paper envelopes, crunchy marshmallows and all! :)

  3. Ohhh I just love this particular blog! I have such happy tears :)


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