Holiday Anticipation

Our 2012 Christmas cards came in the mail yesterday, already.

They are wonderful. I keep thinking how much better Jimmy looks compared to last year's card. Healthier. Stronger. We used one of our new portraits... one I haven't posted.

It's lame how excited I get.

Jimmy said it was too early to send out Christmas cards.

I asked him when it was acceptable by his standards to send cards out. He said after we get our first holiday card in the mail. (SOMEONE SEND ME A CARD! EVEN IF IT'S LEFT OVER FROM LAST YEAR!)

I started stamping envelopes in preparation...

It seems like the US of A, not just me, is ready for The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.

There are lots of Christmas commercials. Countdown to Christmas movie marathons. Christmas pins galore on Pinterest. Christmas shopping. Christmas candles. Holiday red cups at Starbucks. Christmas coffee blends on the shelves. Christmas decorations already in the malls...

I already have a designated Christmas corner in my house.

I mean... the day after Election Day is the official start to the Christmas season, right?


Not too early. Not not not.

In fact, I'm dreading how sad Dec. 26 will be.

Oh, Christmas. I love you so hard.
I was like Santa's Little Helper stamping envelopes last night...
Happy as an elf!
A TJ Maxx find. Probably the best smelling candle in the world...
My Christmas Corner.


  1. I get so excited about Christmas too! And we get to start Christmas early this year!!

  2. I love Christmas too!!! YAY how about Happy early Merry


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