Holiday Warm Fuzzies

I only wish one day I could use my blog in a superpower-ish way like Glennon is doing with Momastery. I've mentioned her blog several times before. 

Obvs it's mother-based, but I still feel connected when I read. Glennon has done amazing things with her blog that tends to leave happy scars on one's heart.

She's now about to publish her book.  She helps a lot of people because I think she's been helped during some dark times, in which she's openly talked about.

In fact, she is going through a tough time right now. Like, life-altering tough. But again, putting that energy towards good.

It's makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Enter: Holiday Hands. Her annual fundraiser.

Holy crap. Apparently, last year it was only her, trying to learn excel and doing all this herself.

Now, with like 50K readers/followers... she has an actual staff helping her with all this.

People list their needs. And those wanting to help, whether its $15 or an iPad... contact the person directly.

People have risen to the freakin' occasion.

One person has donated $3,000 to a family dealing with funeral costs for a late father so the children could have Christmas.

I mean... complete strangers. It's truly amazing to see unfolding before you.

Obviously, Jimmy and I are in no position to give much of anything.

However, when I read a posting about a mother of four who was killed in a car accident, something hit home. That woman's mother is now raising the four kids, taking on all those expenses -- and yet, I'm sure she's happy to do it.

I felt the need to just help. I mean, $20 probably won't make a dent but then I saw others were also struck by this story and also wanted to help with this family.

Actually, it wasn't even the grandmother that posted the listing. It was a friend who asked for help so those kids can still have their Christmas. Their first Christmas without their mother.


There are tons of these stories. It's hard to read. Just wishing you could do more.

But one thing I know for sure... our first year, our first Christmas people rose to the freakin' occasion.

People sent goodies galore and cards and love... it made a really, really tough time that much better.  Even people I've never met.

There was a need in me to give back. I'm happy to skip a few more tennis lessons or eat out less to help a family going through a horrible, scary thing.

I think this is a fantastic thing. 

Way to use your powers for good, G.


  1. After reading this, I can only come to the conclusion that I HAVE to take tennis lessons. That's a great idea. Oh, and give money to that chick's charity thing. I'm doing that like woo. But tennis lessons, I'm putting that on my great idea list.

  2. Steven R. Jones... Good to see you haven't changed.


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