Mary Tyler Moore

You're gonna make it, after all..
I've been quite addicted to Mary Tyler Moore re-runs these days. I blame The Hallmark Channel for ruining my nighttime routine of Fraiser and Skinnypop. Haven't found a food yet that goes well with Mary Tyler Moore...

Maybe it's the newsroom setting, but I also love the wholesomeness you get out of her. Although, I've always seen myself as more of a Rhoda. Either way, I adore their friendship. It's so cute.

Don't get me started on Mr. Grant. He's the perfect amount of grouchy that makes it all a little more realistic. Sometimes grouchy people make me feel normal.

Lately, I've flown through seasons 2 & 3 and noticed how freaking fashionable MTM was. Like, I'd wear 90% of that stuff now. Or, know a really stick-skinny person that could (Rebekah, Amy). Lets face it: Rhoda's sweats and scrubs are more my style.

Anywho, I've been documenting some of my favorite Mary Richards ensembles (I need a hobby). The 70s. Who doesn't love 70s fashion?  I'm pretty sure, though, if my mom would've saved some of her old stuff from that decade it wouldn't fit my curvy, Rhodaesque figure anyways.

That's okay. The GAP makes some killer curvy, wide-legged jeans.


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