Spasm Curiosity

Nick and Jimmy
Fellow Patriots Fans
They both have man crushes on Tom Brady
My little brother called me on the phone yesterday. He's like 25 so that's kind of rare.  And also, we just saw him. 
I didn't expect to hear from him so soon.

He made a bunch of small talk and then told me he had something to ask me.

He explained how he saw Jimmy's legs moving on Christmas Eve. I saw his face when it happened but thought:

A) He knew what was happening
2) He saw it, and would move on even though he totally didn't get what was happening.

He waited a few days to ask.

Ya see, Jimmy's legs and arms move a lot involuntarily. They are simply muscle spasms. It really means nothing.

When people see his legs or arms moving they assume I'm not telling them something. Like, "Oh yeah... Jimmy started to regain movement again."

Trust in me dear people that when Jimmy moves anything on his own, via his own brain, I will scream from the rooftops.  Like the highest of high ones.

However, to be fair, the first time I witnessed a muscle spasm I videoed it. We were still at Shepherd and had a lot to learn. I told the doctor all about it and had the video to prove it.  He rained on my parade real quick with his lacklustery reaction. 

Muscle spasms are common with Spinal Cord Injuries although medical officials can't seem to explain why.

Some folks have spasms so bad it's unsafe. Spasms can throw people out of bed or out of their chair. Luckily, Jimmy never had spasms that bad.

He has an arm spasm that I call "The Chicken Wing" where his left elbow just random jumps once in awhile, but in a series.  Like 20 times in a row, once every three hours. Random.

His legs will also jump around a little.

Sometimes his legs float in the air.  It freaks people out. Eyes get real big.  But I have to point out even to Jimmy that it's happening.  He doesn't even know it if he's tilted a certain way and can't see it.

Nick was funny after I explained the spasms. He equated the whole thing to computers, as he's likely to do because he's a cute little techie nerd.

He said something along the lines of, "Yeah, I can see that. It's kind of like when a networking blah blah disconnects from a [another computer term] blah. The blah blah can still work even if it's disconnected from the networking blah blah. You just don't have control over it."

Exactly. And flux capacitor, and stuff.

But he got it.

I love that he was interested enough to try and understand it in his own terms.  Means a lot.  (Mush!)


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