TFT: Top Ten Blogs of 2012

My friend, who's also a fellow blogger told me the blogging folks are doing a look at their most-popular stories from 2012...who am I to be outdone?

Not that I didn't just do a really rad slideshow for you guys.

But I like this idea. It will give me some time to reflect on the year beyond just looking at pictures.

Here we gooooo!

10) I Now Know What An HDMI Cable Is...
(January 2012) This was me trying to figure out all the stuff Jimmy used to do. Like anything with cables, cords and electronics. I really, really miss him being able to deal with that crap. I recently had to tackle the spaghetti wires that are behind the living room entertainment center. Gahhhhh. I threw a tantrum at least 1-2 times. But, I learned a lot (with his verbal instruction, of course) about it and even understood it enough to be able to get back there and organize that mess.

9) September 22nd
(September 2012) This is me explaining how horribly difficult it was for us to decide not to go to Jimmy's best friend's wedding in Massachusetts. So, so sucky. But, they understood because they are decent people. Julie and Aaron, in lieu of wedding favors, donated to The Shepherd Center in Jimmy's name. Truly amazing.

8) A Letter to My Father-in-Law
(November 2012) Going home to NC with Jimmy for his father's funeral during Thanksgiving was emotional. I saw the love that family had for James, Sr.  It inspired me to write a letter to honor his spirit. This one put a smile on Jimmy's face.

7) Call Me Cake
(February 2012) I bought myself some flowers and a cake for Valentine's Day in an effort to not be so sad on holidays, post-injury. It worked!

(January 2012) One of the first times I made myself fit into Jimmy's twin-sized bed for some husband cuddles. I snapped a picture.

(October 2012) I had a moment here where I was thinking back to the day of Jimmy's accident and his condition. On this particular October evening, I realized just how easily I could have been without Jimmy. I needed to write about how lucky I felt that he was alive.

4) Six Months
(February 2012) Somehow we had made it six months in a state like this. How? It had gone by in a blink of an eye. I wrote here about some of the stuff we had experienced over the last few months and how proud I was of my Jimmy.

3) 8,772 Hours Later...
(June 2012) Our one year wedding anniversary. I wrote about how many stupid, materialistic things were going through my head before and during our wedding. Like, were people having a good time, liking the food? One year later, I felt so much older and wiser. Perspective = changed. I never could have imagined a first year of marriage quite like this.

(December 2012) I got my first tattoo. It was part of Jimmy's Christmas present. It's a wheelchair heart and two love birds. I wanted him to know I was in this with him. I'm sure he knew already, but it a wave of courage that came over me, so I went with it. I got all inked up.

... and my most-viewed blog of 2012 (and ever) is...

1) My Love Letter
(August 2012) One year since Jimmy's crash. I didn't know how I felt about this piece as I was writing it. I wasn't sure how people would respond. I wanted to be honest, real yet hopeful. I think I covered all of that in my love letter to Jimmy on this sort of somber occasion. Within the first five minutes of posting, someone had shared it and written a paragraph about what I had written. Then, all kinds of feedback. I was overwhelmed... in a good way.  I love that people love our love. 

*Side Note:

I've made some wonderful connections through this blog. Readers have pointed me in the direction of other blogs that have changed my entire way of thinking.  I've learned other people are going through this as well. If not this, another something that is tough -- and it helps to know there is a community. People that get it.

But some people are just damn good listeners even if they aren't going through a tough time.

They can read between my lines and tell when I need some love when I'm still too proud to ask for help.

It's hard to explain why writing helps me. It just does. I have this place to just be me. Others can choose to read it or not. But this is my place and I can always come here. 

In fact, some people have painted what I do in a negative light. There are so many more who love to follow us on our journey and see how we live this new life. Maybe it helps them like other blogs help me.

Thanks for reading and supporting and letting me be me. This is my healing place.

Happy New Year!


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