My insides hurt.

I'm not sure if it's from:

1) All the crap I ate this past weekend
2) The fact that my body is screaming for exercise
3) Maaaaaybe I overdid it at a Christmas party last night
4) Loneliness after my visiting friend drove away
5) Getting inked up
6) All of the above

This is one tired girl. I need sleep. Like the really good kind.

But not before I share a few pictures from the Christmas party we went to last night.

You can probably see it in Jimmy's face how tired he was. We both barrelled through a few obstacles this past weekend to get to this party. 

Jimmy had a very tough day, yesterday. He told me it was the worst he has ever felt. And yet, he let me put on his cute Calvin Klein shoes so we could go to the party.

I had gotten a new dress and new ink after all.

Jimmy had a good time, I know he did. Even on the darkest of physical days he still feeds off being social and interacting.  It's a recent goal of mine to get him to call someone different each day. He actually likes the telephone. Weird.

At the end of the night he could barely hold his own head up. In fact, on the ride home I put my hand on the side of the his head in case he wanted to lean on it. He totally did. He probably didn't even know it.

I wish we could pick and choose which days he was okay or a little more tired, but we can't. We just gotta deal.

I'd say Jimmy dealt pretty well with feeling completely crummy yesterday.  He went. We went.  That matters because Jimmy easily could have stayed home yesterday. 

He had a pass and he didn't use it.

I love him for that.

I'm so thankful I had a good friend here to help my moody blues and to chip at some of the other obstacles we faced. She was a welcome distraction.

I got really sad when she left.

It's a downside to living away from most of our family and friends. They have to go back to where they came from.

Sometimes it just sucks butt.  

But, happiness was had.  Worth it.


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