A Normal Kitchen Hug

There I was making guacamole in my kitchen tonight when I had the urge to hug Jimmy really hard and ask him how he's been feeling.

Has he been happy? Sad? Feeling good? Bad?

I get caught up in his physical well-being only.

I was pleased with his response. He's been sleeping well lately which in turns makes our days much better in general.

I stood on my tip-toes (calves working hard) and leaned over him. The extra inch from popping up on my toes allowed me to give him a face-to-face, both arms around his body, head in his nook kind of hug.

I know this sounds stupid that I'm even writing about it but it felt so... normal.

I've done side hugs. This one is tricker because I had to balance over his legs and be careful of his trach. If he had a leg spasm at that moment I'd be sure to get kneed in the crouch. I was willing to risk it.

Anyways -- it was fully on lovey dovey and quite sweet. Just a moment I wanted to share.

A normal kitchen hug.


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