Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quiet Monday

It's nearly 12:30pm in the afternoon.

Jimmy is still in bed.

He's had his morning routine -- meds, bath, range of motion. But when he was "getting ready" this morning I heard something I don't normally hear while a nurse and a CNA are in there with him.

The sound of him sleeping through it.

Jimmy has a lot of tired days.

But then he has the days where he can barely stay awake for breakfast. Days where he's so tired his vent alarm keeps going off -- while he's awake -- because his volumes are so low. That means his breaths are weak because his body is extremely tired.

His body gets completely wore out from time to time.

Jimmy gets out of bed everyday. That's why on these days it feels okay for us to decide that he should stay in bed until he feels rested again -- may it be 2 or 4 o'clock or whenever.

As I type this, I can hear his inhales and exhales of sleep and that provides relief for my soul.

I set up shop for the nurse in our hallway. Put a little lamp on our hall table. Throughout the day, she'd normally sit in Jimmy's room while we would be in our living room. In the early morning while Jimmy sleeps, the nurse is in our living room.

Today, while Jimmy slept, I wanted my living room to myself. Maybe to watch a movie. Although today, with all the rain, feels more like a reading kind of day.

Our new hard-surface flooring makes it more difficult to be quiet while walking.

Creeeeek. Creeeeeek. Also a good reminder I need to get to the gym.

We've had some practice at being quiet.

I can hear every car driving by swishing through the rain puddles and suddenly the refrigerator kicks on and it sounds like a construction site.

I hear the nurse fiddling with something -- gum or a notebook -- and we're reminded again, we're not alone.

The sun is trying to make it's way through our blinds, just a little. The rooms that were dark all morning are starting to lighten up.

A good reminder that I need to get this day started.

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