A Reminder

A daily reminder of forgiveness....

... and not be bothered by things I most certainly should -- let go.   

I have a lot of resolutions floating around in my head.

So, forgiving...
Not getting so bothered.
Not exerting so much energy into silly scenarios that I create in my head that probably don't exist.
Live well. Become more fit, eat cleaner.
I wouldn't mind to learn how to sew, play piano, and/or paint.
Spend less.
Continue helping Jimmy to obtain a full, normal life.
Make an effort to list, look at and realize all the awesome things I have in my life.   

That's probably enough, right?

I will say it's probs a whole lot easier to sew versus letting things go and not getting bothered. I am Italian, after all. I come from a very passionate family. I'm built strong and stubborn. This will prove one of my more difficult resolutions.

My therapist has tried to help me with this.  She tries to get me to look at alternatives in certain situations.

Like, I'll say (fake scenario): "I friggin' hate the sky. It's so stupid and blue and it makes me so upset."

Therapist: "Maybe the sky didn't really mean to upset you. Maybe the sky is a shade of blue you can learn to like. Maybe you still can learn to be happy even though the sky is doing it's own thing that you don't like."

GD. Sometimes I hate her optimism.

But I get it.

Another approach. 

That's what I feel like we're doing in our new life. Taking another approach. I guess that's what we have to do when we're so blatantly told the first way is apparently not the way.

We were given a new set of circumstances and told NOPE. Try, try... try again.

Another approach. 

Try again.  


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