Maybe I don't hate IKEA as much as I have claimed in the past. I ventured to the massive Swedish wonderland today with two friends.

It wasn't horrible.

I started the trip with one single cinnamon roll. In years past, it would have been a six pack. Not in 2013 (resolution -- food moderation). One Zebra Cake instead of 3. One breadstick instead of 4.

The early cinnamon roll was a good move. It probably de-grumpified me so I could make it through the maze.

While Jimmy and I were gone for the holidays, the folks running our apartment complex agreed to put in hard-surface floors. The property manager came in personally to see the damage Jimmy's chair was doing not to mention the stains via our nurses. I guess there's a reason hospitals aren't carpeted.

The faux hardwood floors are so much better for Jimmy's chair. It's so much easier for him to get around. It's easier to clean. It feels much more sanitary with so many nurses coming in and out. Jimmy said they need to wear the disposable shoe covers, you know, the ones surgeons wear.

Ha. Nurse booties. We could have a dispenser at the front door as they come in.

Anyways, I made a mental note to look for some rugs for the new floor. Since I was going to IKEA with friends I could look.  Jimmy gave me the thumbs up (resolution -- financial communication) to do so.

I did good.

I got a nice size rug for the living room ($50) -- it's reversible with another design on back -- and one for the hallway going down to Jimmy's room ($24). 

I also got a cool hanger ($7.99) for all my scarves (I got 5 this Christmas alone) and a cute little green spatula ($.99). I got out of IKEA in under $100, which is more than most people in those check-out lines could say. 


  1. Nice! Love the rugs! and did they add the wall protectors too? Next time your are in IKEA...I need one of those scarf hangers please! ;)

  2. IKEA rules! Glad you warmed up to it :)


    (Not messing with the OpenID today, so I am 'anonymous' yet not really, haha.)

  3. I have been wanting to check that place out. Love the scarf holder!!!!


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