Let There Be Power

There's probably a lot about Jimmy's past that I don't know. There's a lot I don't ask about. I mean, if there's something I really, really want to know about I'll ask.  I may not get an answer, but I ask.

There's something I am sure of.

I know James Walter was always the good man he still is today.

Here's how.

I am continuously amazed by the people -- old schoolmates, old teachers, old childhood friends, simple acquaintances -- that pop up in his post-injury life wanting to help him. Anyway they can.

These are people I have never met or only met a handful of times.

Random acts of kindness.  People that want nothing in return.

It's reaffirms to me why I married Jimmy.

Let me tell you about what happened on Christmas Eve.

A few days before, I had gotten some angst out by writing about our hellacious drive to Myrtle Beach.  

Some of Jimmy's friends from Morganton who now live in Myrtle Beach had gotten a hold of the blog.

We got a message from Deana: "Call Shawn. He's an electrician and wants to install an inverter in your van so you don't have to go out looking for power for Jimmy."

Oh my gosh.

We've tried to power this piece of equiment before. It's a ferocious power-eater. I wasn't able to do it even with a marine battery.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve.

They had parts, pieces and such overnighted to make this happen. Like, this was actually going happen?!

These fine people took three plus hours out of their day -- ON CHRISTMAS EVE -- to come install power in our van. Did I mention it was friggin' cold?

Jimmy with Shawn and Deana

In the parking lot of our hotel, Shawn, with his handy assistant Deana, troubleshooted not only until it worked, but until they tested it and and it was all nice and neat. That's important.

Let me tell you, after an agonizing six hour drive to the beach stopping a whole lot to find outlets that didn't work (!!!!), the ride home was heaven.  Heaven, in the sense that we didn't have to stop to suction Jimmy. We could do it while in transit. If we did it while stopping for gas, we were self-contained.

Heaven I tell you.

Their goal was to help us and make our lives easier. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

We're grateful beyond the stars.

Jimmy has some great friends.  I'm comforted in knowing this about his past. Our present is proof of the type of person he was... and still is.


  1. This is not normal for me, but something about this post made my eyes well up. I am so glad you both have great friends that do so much for you. I love you and I love these guys too. Yay, now you can travel more often :)

  2. I got goose bumps reading this. Such wonderful people!!! They say you are the company you keep. Sounds like y'all are surronded by the right kind of people!!!

  3. So awesome!! And what a stress reliever!! So happy for y'all!

  4. When I hear about kindness like this it gives me hope that there really still really are honestly kind people out there who are willing to serve others with no expectation of anything in return. Lovely post and lovely people. Your husband (and you) sound like amazing people.


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