New Year, New Hair

Good hair. Crappy mood.

I spent FIVE hours getting my hair did. FIVE.

It guess it was my fault. I made the decision to go to an institute instead of a salon. Meaning a student does it and an instructor fixes it, but you still get the real good color.

It's cheap, and you may even get what you want -- but is it worth it?

I was in the shampoo bowl three times
Blown dry two times
Hair touched by at least four people
Had two cups of tea
An orange seltzer water
Peed twice
Two snacks from the vending machine

I was there long enough to learn the names of several instructors and even long enough to hear some students talking smack about said instructors.

Poor Jimmy was starving when I got home. I had promised him a ham. He got a frozen dinner warmed up instead.

My head hurts real bad. But at least I'm pleased with the hair on it.

New color for the start of a new year.


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