Oat-Rolled French Toast

Heaven on Earth.
It's this.
Believe me when I tell you.

This morning before breakfast, I stumbled upon a little article about how to incorporate more oats into your meals. 

It's another rainy morning in Atlanta, as in a lot of places, and it had me wanting something different. Comfort food. Something different than my two eggs and turkey sausage. Maybe something sweet.

Pancakes? Waffles? Mmmm... French Toast? But I didn't want to break the diet-bank for the whole day so I was looking for a healthy spin on it.

Here's what I did:

*Warmed a bit of Smart Balance butter and a little olive olice on the stove
*Took two pieces (Only two. Restraint. Could easily have eaten more... ) of Nature's Own Double Fiber bread
*Made my egg mixture -- Two eggs, skim milk, a dash of vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg.
*I put one packet of instant oatmeal into a separate bowl
*After the pan was nice and hot, I rolled my bread in eggs then in the oats
*I let it cook until the oats became brown and crispy
*I sliced up a banana to top
*Cooked two pieces of turkey sausage for extra protein
*Topped toast and sausage with a little real maple syrup


I didn't sleep well but this made my day.  Wonderful warmth for a soul on this rainy, chilly day.


  1. That sounds yummo!!! Going to have to try that one! Thanks for sharing!


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