Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dos Outings

I'm relishing in success and contentment right now. I somehow managed to get Jimmy to agree to go on back-to-back leisure outings. This never happens!

Yesterday, we went to see a movie. I'm still not sure why he said yes, but he did. I took him to the romantic(ish)-comedy(ish) zombie movie that's out now. It. Was. Awesome. I'm not even a part of the zombie movement that's happening right now.

Most people: Do you watch the The Walking Dead?
Me: No...
Those Same People: GASPPPPP!

This was cutesy and PG-13. I'm a nerd. I checked beforehand. I needed to know what I was myself getting into. Rated R? I might not have eaten beforehand. There was only minor brain-eating, though (It's white jello... It's white jello... It's white jello).

Today we had couple's counseling.  We talked about some things he could do while I was away this weekend. Somehow, sushi came up but talking about it made him hungry for it.  So, I quickly looked up some spots online and came across the Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead.

You can't miss it.

There's a massive, massive metal fish there that could give some buildings a run for their money. This is an angle that makes it look like one of those sandworms from Beetlejuice, though. True?

Jimmy got his calamari and sushi. ALL TO HIMSELF.
My non-seafood eating self had some edamame and salad. At least it was a good opportunity for me to stay semi-healthy.
I think Husband left with a happy belly.

When we got home we took a walk/roll around the apartment courtyard to enjoy the last bit of sunlight.
Jimmy and I had a stupid, crummy morning, but today certainly got better. Because of fatigue issues, getting out and about is such a treat.   
Yay for new memories and adventures in Atlanta.


  1. Sandworms, yes...I'm glad he had a good day, you would have had a better day IF you ate sushi! At least fried asparagus roll??

  2. Fun times!!! And I gasped....the Walking Dead is great...although gory so maybe a good thing you don't watch it.