On The Mend

Today is the first day I've had enough energy to actually open the laptop and type. I've been sick with either food poisoning/stomach bug since Monday.

Oh. My. God.

I have a fear of throwing up. In fact, I honestly don't think I've thrown up since college. Maybe shortly after. So, puke free since 2003(ish)?

I don't know.

But that streak is over, my friend.

Whether it was spoiled condiments on the second half of my sandwich in which I let sit in my purse too long, bad soup, something else I ate at this bakery lunch or just catching what a lot of people have right now -- I dunno.

I do know I was pathetic for the better half of the week.  Like, moaning like a child to Jimmy. 

This was the first significant sickness I've had since Jimmy's crash. He felt bad he couldn't do more, but I assured him he was doing plenty.

I know now there are certain things I just have to take care of myself, and that is that. But, I did get a very important Pedialyte delivery from a friend, which was huge.

I found myself walking in Jimmy's room during the 'critical hours' to make sure he knew I was alive. I would be worried if I were him. I still managed to feed him (with gloves) when I could, and if I wanted to lay in bed instead of the living room, I'd leave my door open so he could see me and we could still talk.

Me checking on him, him checking on me.

Yesterday, I finally mustered up the strength to shower, change my linens and sprayed down my bathroom with bleach and Lysol. Oh sweet glory.

I actually put on some jeans and went to the grocery store where I got hit on by a stock person. Nice.  As lightheaded and weak as I was I said, "thank you" instead of what I was really thinking... "really?"

My shower yesterday, was... something special.

My mind compared the situation to that of Curly Sue (a fav) when Bill and Sue were taken in by the rich lady and were forced to finally lather up after their time on the streets. Bill was unfamiliar with things in the shower and little disoriented (Me, yesterday).

I think the same music was playing in the background yesterday when I was pouring the shampoo in my hand.

I was washing my hair thinking... yeah... there could be allllll kinds of stuff in this rat's nest.  I spent a little extra time sudsing.

But today, I'm finally feeling a little more like myself, although, still unable to have my coveted morning cup of coffee.

Nothing like water in the morning... woo!


  1. Aww I am sorry you were so sick! We are nursing Adaline back from the a stomach bug and its just pitiful! I hope tomorrow you feel even better and get your coffee :)


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