Get Well Soon

My apartment has gone on a diet and lost a lot of crap. I've purged so much stuff from this place.

It's starting to look uncluttered, clean, light, airy.

In one of my fits of rage, I started to throw away a stack of "Get Well" "We're Here For You" "We're Praying For You" "Stay Strong" "You Got This" "There's A Plan For You" cards we received after Jimmy got injured 19 months ago.

There's no way this is all of them. At one point, I lined our hospital room at Shepherd with them.

However, this is a good stack.

Last night, as I was junk cleaning, I stood over the garbage and read these before I threw them in the garbage.

One by one... each capable of taking me right back there. People opening their hearts, writing real, raw words of support and encouragement. Offering to help. Sending paper hugs.

Read. Try to remember. Toss.
Read. Try to remember. Toss.

But then the kid notes/cards/drawings. Goodness me.

Yep. I starting picking each card back out of the garbage.

These stay. Other stuff can go. This stack of cards stays.


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