My how I missed this South Carolina city. I took a solo trip to mine and Jimmy's former home this past weekend.

It was a girl's trip planned months ago. Four of us were going to meet. Sadly, one couldn't make it because her father passed away. After a lot of going back and forth we went ahead with the short visit, especially since the purchasing of plane tickets were involved. But it certainly wasn't the same without her. Wish I could have transported her to us, if only for a an hour. I know she feels the same.

The days and moments leading up to my leaving were okay. Better than okay. Jimmy was a part of the planning and even talked about things he was going to do when I was gone, food he was going to order and movies/TV/sports he was going to watch.

This made me happy. Leaving is hard. This helped.

I left, locking the door behind me, and man did it sting.

My first stop was an impromptu visit to our old station. I had a little bit of time to kill so, SURPRISE NEWS PEEPS!

It was so good and weird to be there. We hadn't been since June 2012. And before that, I hadn't been back since my last day of work in August 2011.

Everyone wanted to know where Jimmy was, of course. I expected nothing less. He was much more social than I when we worked there. People loved him. I worked there longer than he did, but knew way more people in that building.

There were a lot of new faces but a good handful of familiar ones that I got to spend a short amount of time with.

I was touched to see there were not one but THREE "Jimmy Boards" around the stations. Pictures of his progress, Christmas cards etc. Also, under the current staff remains Jimmy's picture. The same photo that's on his ID badge that's still in his wallet.

It made me happy to come back and tell him about that.

One of the three "Jimmy Boards" still up at our old station

Onto girls weekend. I was greeted with two gorgeous, happy, familiar faces, a lot of cheese and wine and a fire place controlled with a light switch. That's what's up.

Saturday afternoon was a coffee, get pretty, nap day. We got our nails did. I felt like being tweeny, apparently.

A cray moment. Neon orange and glitter nails. My younger, much wilder sister would approve. 
My risky Kim Kardashianesque dress, Spanx included.
And yes, that's how I treat guest rooms...

We dined and wined before I realized I was old and suggested we go back home to the lightswitch fireplace at 11pm. I think it was then we decided we're just dinner, dessert and cocktail gals. You will not find us in da club. And that's okay.

This drink, though, was pretty f'ing amazing. A Maple Rye Manhattan. It accompanied a very good steak, asparagus and some of the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had. I'm having to do some serious work to make-up for the wonderful crap I consumed this past weekend. So extremely worth it. I wouldn't uneat any of that Manchego if I had the chance.  

Sheila and Victoria.
My cute friends gallivanting in Downtown Greenville.

We walked past The Westin Poinsett Downtown on the way for dessert and I had to snap a picture. This is where we stayed for my bachelorette party in 2011. A gorgeous hotel.

Catherine and Me  

Sunday, after sitting around drinking a lot of coffee and trying to adjust to Daylight Saving Time, I finally got up and headed to lunch to meet another Greenville friend. It's always so good to sit and talk with Dear Friend Catherine. And she shared her fries.

As I was leaving Greenville, I got so completely emotional. Didn't even see it coming. The way I left town was on a road that I didn't even know about until Jimmy showed it to me when we lived there. He showed me shortcuts. He showed me the fun little pubs downtown. We walked on the weekends, hand in hand, establishing favorite places. We found Greenville, just the two of us.

We moved there together away from our home. So much of it reminds me of Jimmy and our old normal, for which I still tend to grieve.

It was harder than expected to be back there without him in our city which holds some happy, painful memories. But, it was good to bring all my experiences and moments back to him.

There's a special place in my heart for that cute little city.


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice time! Great post!!

  2. Looks like a nice trip!! We miss Greenville too!!


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