The Parentals

Sometimes it sucks living in a city with not many friends and zero family. But it makes it that much sweeter when we get visitors.

Especially La Familia.

Moms and Pops were here in the Hotlanta (not so hot -- we had some snow flurries) this weekend. It was a three day tug-of-war of Mom/Dad wanting to help me, and me wanting to play host to them.

You may remember when I mucked up the homemade meatballs I made for Jimmy.

I got a genuine Tam Tam cooking lesson last night. Meatballs. AND. Homemade marinara. Jimmy would occasionally mumble from the living room, "you paying attention?"


Mom made 49 meatballs last night and two giant pots of sauce. Our freezer is preserving the goods.

For a few hours last night, my apartment smelled like it should: ITALIANY. HOMEMADENESS.

Oh, I even got two of these fabulous lamps. Target. Mom helped me pick them out and I love them. They are so great. They help this lil ole apartment look grown-up. Jimmy loves them.

Twas a good weekend. It was nice having them in our little square inch. They helped me check off lots on my to-do list.

The Parentals are gems.


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