The Straw

The other day, Jimmy and I were in the living room watching TV.

He had an itch on his face. His sip-and-puff straw can be his life-saver for when itches happen. He's now a professional at maneuvering.

Jimmy moved his straw by the way of chomping down and yanking his head to reposition it.

So he bit. Pulled. Tried to get to the itch. The straw didn't quite make it.

He bit again. Pulled some more and tried once again to get to the itch. Didn't work.

He went back and tried a third time (must have been a doozy of itch) and then realized I was in the room, so he lovingly gave up.

I got up and scratched my husband's face. But watching that little display was pleasing.

It's almost as if he forgot I was there. It was almost like I was getting an inside look at what he does when when he's alone(ish).

He tried to handle it himself.  May not sound like a big deal, but it sort of is...

Independence. Adjustment. Growth.


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