20 Months

It's been 20 months since Jimmy's accident.

20 months since Jimmy bounced on his feet through the newsroom.
20 months since Jimmy brushed his teeth, splashed water on his face or dressed himself.
20 months since Jimmy's pointer finger touched the screen of his iPhone.
20 months since Jimmy made Sunday morning coffee.
20 months since Jimmy drove my car as we ran errands together.
20 months since Jimmy carried a camera on his right shoulder.
20 months since Jimmy opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Coke Zero or Bud Light.
20 months since Jimmy played Tiger Woods on his PS3.
20 months since  Jimmy grilled, sauteed, baked or fried.
20 months since Jimmy slept on the right side of our bed.
20 months since Jimmy wasn't on any medication at all.
20 months since Jimmy did the dishes.
20 months since Jimmy wrote a check.
20 months since Jimmy fixed the TV cables.
20 months since Jimmy killed a bug in the house for me.
20 months since Jimmy pet a dog or tickled a kiddo.

20 months ago we started on a new journey.

20 months ago Jimmy was learning how to operate a wheelchair with his mouth.
20 months ago Jimmy learned how to let other people help him get groomed and dressed.
20 months ago Jimmy started to use a mouth stick or voice-activation to operate his phone.
20 months ago Jimmy figured out he doesn't really care for coffee anymore.
20 months ago Jimmy and I realized we'd have to start looking at vans.
20 months ago Jimmy was looking through the opposite end of the camera lens.
20 months ago Jimmy's drink of choice became water.
20 months ago Jimmy was learning he had to be more creative filling his time.
20 months ago Jimmy started instructed me verbally through recipes and cooking.
20 months ago Jimmy got his own room with his own hospital bed and his own TV.
20 months ago Jimmy learned certain medications could help him to feel better.
20 months ago Jimmy let me know it would be okay if some dishes were left in the sink overnight.
20 months ago Jimmy started to remind me to pay rent.
20 months ago Jimmy taught me what an HDMI cable was and why we really needed it.
20 months ago Jimmy taught me that odorless bug spray was best.
20 months ago we learned pets and kids still make Jimmy smile.


  1. Beautiful! Love it! However, I feel like you guys are so good at this life together that it seems like we have known this life longer than 20 mighty months. Y'all rock this. My first thought was, you have done so much in such a short time. 20 months ago...we all became a little closer.

    1. That comment made me smile.
      Thanks Cat.


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