Do you feel that Facebook has purely become a place for sharing quotes, animal posters and pictures of food?

Facebook has become Pinterest and I don't always love it when social media worlds collide (hashtags still aren't FB friendly, people.)

Here's a quote that didn't make me want to close my account forever and ever (photo below). As I scrolled through FB this morning, I saw one of Jimmy's best friends painting this as a part of a volunteering project him and his wife worked on.

This is a really really really great quote.

Asking for help is something I know I need to do. Jimmy too. He doesn't want to need help and it wasn't easy for me to learn how to ask for help.

I've learned people get "help" in all sorts of places. I've also learned that what helps you may not help me.

Last night, I got together with three special ladies, and that? Well, that helped me. Just four girls in a grown-up town home. Eating, drinking, talking, laughing.

Help comes in all forms.

Being able to recognize what help you need is a start. Being able to ask for that help is an accomplishment.

My therapist would be so proud.

Scott getting his volunteering on 


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