Bill Murray

This is Rory. She's an amazing little girl-child that belongs to a dear friend.

I got her this shirt for birthday número uno. I found these fun children's shirts/onesies on Etsy.

I will say...  the reaction in the room when Mom opened this gift: puzzled faces. Then Dad said, "Bill Murray?!" (Not in a good way).

But hot damn this child is rocking this shirt. And a magenta mini-tutu/skirt to match? Shut up right now.

Lets face it: it's never too early to introduce your offspring to the likes of Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Dirty Dancing and sarcasm.

But what could make this outfit more bad ass?

Maybe some polka-dotted stockings and some boots or ballet flats?


A crown, some aviators and a cigar?

Now I've gotten carried away. 


  1. I just ordered this onesie for my cousins baby girl Nina. Her Mom is a huge Bill Murray fan, and she will love it! Thanks for posting!

    - Georgia


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