Chocolate, Auburn and now, Blonde

Today I got my hair did by someone named Heather.
Heather was recommended to me by the very person who chopped all my hair off the day I got to Shepherd... the day I got in Atlanta. That stylist now lives on the west coast, but she sent me in Heather's direction. Heather looks like a Carrie Underwood/Reese Witherspoon combo. I told my story and she told hers and it was like catching up with a old friend who happened to be a complete stranger.
My goal was to become blonde. Blonde with a cute, piecy cut. I'm happy.
And my husband can see that because I've been dancing around the house like a damn fool.
If you're looking for a great stylist in the Atlanta-area, go see Heather at Mosaic Hair Studio.
Chocolate. Auburn. Blonde. These are the shades of my life.


  1. Look how skinny your face is! Love the blonde too, of course. It's the way I met you my love!


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