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I got a potted basil plant recently when I attended a dinner, as a party favor. Cute idea.

I was a little hesitant to take it, though. Jaimie and plants don't get along. I've only been able to keep one plant alive.

When I was in college, I worked for an insurance agency. My boss gave me a root of some leafy plant (philodendron, maybe?). That thing certainly had it's ups and downs (my friend took it in after the crash) and now? It seems to be flourishing. I graduated college in 2003. I've kept a plant alive for 10 years! True achievement.

I feel like since I've gotten it some new buddies, it's perked right up. Oh, and sunshine. Apparently it likes that stuff too.

The basil was brown and shriveling before I realized I was supposed to plant and soil it and yeah -- that sunshine thing.

This inspired a trip to Ace Hardware. I found other fun herbs and such. I came home with planters, new plants and some potting mix.

Jimmy shook his head. He knows I have a tough time with plant life. I told him it would be different this time.

It has! I've actually seen some growth in two weeks already. It's exciting. I need a hobby. Oh, wait this counts. I be horticulturing.

I have my coffee and then check m'plants.

But that damn basil. I think it's done for. I though if I planted it and put it in the sun it may re-sprout or something? It may have been too far gone. I act like there's no electronic literature that could tell me what I need to do.

But ole houseplant sure loves it out on the ledge with it's new pals. Kickin' it.

I have given them all (except Basil. It's in plant-ICU) stern instructions to give a stink eye to the chick who lets her dog poop in front of our balcony and DOESN'T PICK IT UP.

Get 'em team green.


  1. So, honestly I would go and pay $1.48 for another live plant of Basil. I can't even see leaves in the pot, I'm not sure if it can be revived. On a high note, it's super easy to keep! (after you buy a live plant of course!)


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