Sunday, April 7, 2013

Us in the Upstate

 Excitement and exhaustion.
We're back from a weekend spent in Upstate South Carolina -- one of our favorite places to be.
The more we do trips the more we learn how to handle them with less stress although traveling now is far from easy. On the front end: anxiety. On the tail end: brain and body so so tired. A whole lot of medical supplies to put away. Lots of laundry.
But what comes in between is always worth it.  
Jimmy with some familiar, wonderful news faces at WSPA in Spartanburg, our old station
 I liked this picture of Jimmy and I
Jimmy looks way crooked in his chair
Maybe because his chest strap is slanted
Friends with kids.
Friends with kids and beer.
And kids who were completely enamored with Jimmy's contraptions.
I went running around parts of Greenville Saturday morning with my friend Kim.
4.5 miles -- A personal best for me. Cake for her.
I bet it would've hurt a lot less without alcohol and junk food the night before
I snapped this shot of Kim while we were running through Falls Park.
Pure athletica. 
Me, Jimmy and our former co-worker/current friend Melissa
(Former) Producer
(Former) Photographer
(Current) Reporter
We should take our show on the road..
Dear friend Michelle and I go way way back and I adore her and how
silly she and Jimmy are.
This was a long overdue visit. So glad she made time for us.

Man Mani, anyone?
I swear Jimmy can hear his nails grow and gets on me for not tending to them as much as he'd like
This time -- I let someone else do it.

Really I was taking a picture for my Mom to show her I was wearing the earrings she got me

Jimmy's filthy martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives.
Three of them.
And he didn't share.

Jimmy got Shrimp and Grits
We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in all of the land: High Cotton

I got the chicken dish (shocking!) but it was quite tasty
and the garlic mashed potatoes were like, the creamiest I've ever had.
I ate some before my brain could remember to snap a picture

Upside down blueberry cake with black-eyed pea and honey ice cream
As weird as that sounds... It was really good.
The brown stuff is sesame seeds baked/fried in butter. kinda crunchy. holy ravioli.
I'm way fatter now but it was a good trip. Jimmy was a trooper even though he didn't sleep all that well. As much as we love Greenville, it felt good to return to Atlanta.
We're happy tired. 
Good moments were had and it was good to get Jimmy out for the weekend.


  1. Great post! Lots of good pics. Should have snapped one of jimmy joining the ladies on our shopping trip!

  2. Umm, my self pic didn't make it on your blog???? I'm soooo so bummed I missed you on ANOTHER trip to G-Vegas, but I hope we can make up for it soon when I plan my trip down to HOTlanta!

    1. Yeah... I must have lost that pic....
      Please DO come visit!

  3. Traveling can be so hard, but you're right - it's worth it to be re-energized by seeing friends! :)

    When we travel, I make a packing list with three columns: D (for me, duh), M (for Michael, duh) and 3 (that's my little nickname for M's disability - because I feel like it's the 3rd person in our house/marriage/on our road trip, and it requires more stuff than M!)