A Pile of Meat and Cheese

See the bottom left corner and how a bite is already missing?
This wasn't out of the oven 45 seconds when I went in.
Mouth = burned 
Tonight for dinner I made this lasagna.

It's low-carb and doesn't include zucchini as a wannabe noodle substitute. It's fascinating to see, though, what she did come up with for "the noodles."

When I was making "the noodles" I definitely was a doubterson.

However, it works.

It's like an egg, cream cheese, mozzarella, parmesan mixture that you bake and cut into pieces and then layer. I know. Didn't make sense in my brain, either.

Since Jimmy is low-carb, and I'm low-everything I used part-skim ricotta instead of whole milk ricotta. Also, I used lean beef which this recipe didn't specifically call for.

I normally don't make lasagna with yellow cheese (that's tacky, right?) but I ran out of mozzarella so the sharp cheddar got the job done.

What else?

Think those are the only modifications I made. I love making this... and eating it. You can do veggies in it too but that's a tough sell for Jimmy. When he thinks lasagna, he thinks a pile of meat and cheese.
So that's what we had for dinner. A fancy cheeseburger.


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