A Quad. The Projects. Earth, Wind & Fire.

Would I have loved this movie so much before August 2011? Maybe.

Yesterday, Jimmy and I watched The Intouchables.  I am so so so glad I watched this. I'm so glad we watched this together. I ordered it on Amazon before it even ended.

It's French and has subtitles (a good reason to force myself to really put the iPhone down). And the music. God, the music.

IMDB: After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.

I can't begin to do this movie any justice by trying to write about it, but I will say that Jimmy didn't want to watch it, much less like it.  I caught him glancing out of the corner of his eye even trying to fight a smile (while I was full on laughing). 

Jimmy recently told me that he didn't care to watch stuff about people in wheelchairs. Long story short... it's kind of a drag. I get that, and usually respect it.

This movie was suggested by someone who is a Jaimie advocate. She so knew I would love it.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time and I only cried (a happy cry) once at the end.  There was a scene where the caretaker learned he'd have to "empty the ass" of his new boss. He flipped out. It's such a horrifying thing to have to learn about in the early stages of an injury. And yet, the way it was handled here: comical (I laughed my ass off) yet genuine.

I was overflowing with emotion at the conclusion. Our injury, our needs in a much different set of circumstances. It was the similarities that I connected with and the differences that inspired me.

I know a lot of people in the SCI community are upset that disabilities aren't more prominently displayed at the cinema and on television.

Maybe it's along the lines of Jimmy's realistic way of thinking: it's a drag.

This movie could have been the exception. Not too depressing. Not too much of a harsh reality. Though, those things do exist and have been a vivid part of Jimmy's injury, this movie highlights a certain way of dealing with something like paralysis. A man who is used to doing things his own way. And then, another man who comes a long with a "so what?" approach.

It's just a good reminder that sometimes Jimmy and I feed too much into the sad, weak, sickly, hospital patient mentality -- and sometimes we just need to do shit and say, "so what!" Easier said than done sometimes because Jimmy has a lot of bad days, days when he's fatigued and doesn't feel well.

Paragliding. This movie had my brain asking, "Why can't Jimmy go paragliding??"

I love movies. I love books too, but seeing things come to life, seeing the emotion, expression and hearing the sounds... I adore.

A French film with subtitles. And even some Earth, Wind & Fire. Who knew?

The Intouchables (2011)
Quad Productions
The Weinstein Company

Whether you deal directly with an SCI or not, it's still a very special story. Would I have loved this movie so much before August 2011?

I think, yes.


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