Glennon Pt. 2

Forgive me. Apparently my Glennon love fest isn't over. 

I slept all the way until 9:20 this morning. Without waking up. My mamma friends are jeally-belly right now. 

Remember the end of A Christmas Story when the kids are so tired and snugly in their bed from all the excitement of Christmas and the toys and the shooting of the eye out? And the boys fell asleep with their favorite gifts tucked in with them? 

I think I tired myself out with excitement last night. I may or may not have fallen asleep with my signed copy of Carry On, Warrior tucked in with me, though. 

I woke up with what Jimmy calls Lion King Hair. My hair was teased and sticking up in all directions around my face, like a mane. Maybe that's his reasoning? 

There was probably drool. When I woke up I had no idea where I was. It was that kind of sleep. 

As I started to remember real life... I found my phone buried in my white quilt. It was not charged overnight. Another sign of exhaustion: iPhone neglect. 

I sleepily glanced down at my phone running on 20% battery to see A TWEET FROM GLENNON. 
I have to go get a cup of coffee so I can enjoy my first sip while soaking in this tweet. I did. It was bliss. She read my blog and referenced it TO ME. 

I can't imagine how exhausting it must be to do what she does all the time and still have time for correspondence. It's just rad. 

And also, this means were BFFs now, right? Just making sure.           


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