The organizers were trying to rush her along
and she wasn't having it.
She'd take her time with each person: listening,
commiserating and posing.
Can adrenaline burn calories? Cause if so, I'm good on my workout for the day.

Tonight, I sat in a room with a couple hundred women who all had these things in common: they wanted to be reassured that love wins. They want to be reassured they have the strength to do hard things. They wanted to be reassured that they are not alone.

They all have hard lives. They all have battles.

I MET GLENNON! I MET GLENNON! I MET GLENNON!  (She's the author of Carry, On Warrior and her blog is Momastery)

I got to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library about an hour and half before the signing. This was my first signing. I had no clue what to expect but also know that G has become wildly popular.

Just two other girls were there who I met and mingled with: Kristin and Megan. I think Kristin, Megan and myself expected a long line, tents and pushing and stuff. Ya know, what I imagine goes on at a Justin Bieber concert or something.

Right before Glennon came out some folks filed into the row in front of us.  Eeeeeek! It was Glennon's family. We know them!

We don't know them....but we so knooooow them. I secretly tried to take a picture of Glennon's husband to send to a friend who also knows them until I realized my flash was on. Damn it. I'm less than 3 feet away from him. He totally saw.

Glennon came out and spoke for about an hour! We thought it was a signing like in a book store. Just a line, sign and leave. She spoke and inspired! It was an experience -- not just an event.

Some of my favorite quotes from tonight:

"If it wasn't scary, it wouldn't be brave."

"Life is fantastic moments. The rest is not always fantastic. Not sure why it's not okay to say that. Life is hard."

We finally got to Glennon for the signing and I'm not even sure what I said. I told her a little about a friend, a little about myself and then we took a photo.

I told her I wanted to hug her like a sister thinking we could chum it up. She went all in. It was great.

Glennon. Me. Up in each other's space.

I was suddenly aware of my nervous sweating and possible nervous breath (is that a thing?). She signed my book and spelled my name right. I have love and excitement in my heart. 

My two new Warrior friends invited me to be in a picture with them and Glennon. 
Glennon, Me, Kristin and Megan
All glowing from Warriorism
After a therapy session earlier today and then this tonight, I am ready. I am filled up.


  1. You are adorable! Love seeing that huge beaming smile on your face! You deserve it!!!

  2. Goose bumps!! Can't wait to get the book! I'm so glad you went and had a great experience! XO


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