June, July, August

This time of year is a very odd. Weird things happening inside.

In a few days, Jimmy and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  Then, I will turn 32 years old in July. August 8th will mark the second anniversary of Jimmy's accident.

Wedding Anniversary:

Jimmy and I kinda have already started celebrating our anni, talking about how the last two years have been amazingly brutal.   

We did have nearly two months of "normal living" after the wedding -- before the accident.

Honestly, those months didn't feel any different compared to the five years we had spent together as a couple prior to our wedding day.  I am grateful for the rock solid foundation all those years gave us. I'm grateful we got a lot of the kinks worked out of.  We cleared a lot of the cob webs and got comfortable.

We will always have those years. No one can take them from us. 

We'll be going back to the Italian restaurant in which we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We'll eat, drink and talk about the last two years and maybe the wedding.  I'll lean over as to force him to kiss me in public.  We'll get something with cream, something with cheese and something with chocolate. We'll be happy.

I made seafood tonight for Jimmy. It felt kind of a like an anniversary celebration.

So you know, I dislike the way seafood tastes and smells while being cooked. So this was a rare, smelly treat for Jimmy.  He came into the kitchen with me to help me make everything.  I sauteed flounder and shrimp, according to his instruction. I also bought a crab-cake from Fresh Market that someone in front of me ordered three of.  I thought: it must be good. I'll get one for him.

He loved it all. Or, he is a really good liar, liar pants on fire. I have no way of knowing if that food was any good at all.


My birthday is kind of randomly cushioned in between the two major dates. I celebrated my 30th birthday just a few weeks before the crash.

We were still living in Greenville. I wanted to go to my favorite Mexican eatery. I sent out my own evite and everything. No shame! Okay, maybe just a little.

I'll never forget it. It was such a messy and unorganized dinner. The memory makes me smile.  Married friends on one side of the table. Us in the middle. And married friends with kids on the other. Oh, lawd.

Interesting scenarios to say the least. But, they showed up... for me. 

Crash Anniversary:

From August 2011 through August 2012, Jimmy and I survived. We were in pure survivor mode simply learning how to stay alive. Emotions ran high, tears flowed and there was no shortage of frustration.  From August 2012 through August 2013, the healing finally started.

I feel we have turned a corner. Life isn't so devastating. We're adjusting. We're not only surviving, but we're managing to even be happy and relax a little. We're taking a load off, after such a hard year. 

Last year, I started a tradition of having a Life Day on the day of Jimmy's crash anniversary. It was my way of trying to find the good in something that can become so incredibly somber. Even though I had lots of sad feelings, I still sat and was comforted by friends who showed up. I also ate cake and mashed potatoes which was way fun.

June, July and August. Three months. Three very different occasions.

A new life.


  1. What a good couple of months coming up! Lots to celebrate, you are right about that! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!

  2. I am keeping Henry so Catherine can come and celebrate with you and Jimmy. I want you to have fun and try to relax while I chase Henry all over the back and probably front yard. Gail Osborne


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