Banana Ice Cream

We got an ice-cream maker for our wedding. Just a reminder, that was June 11, 2011. Two years ago.

I just opened it the day before yesterday. 

Whatever. We've been busy. 

What an amazing, fluffy world I've been missing out on.

I feel like I thought it would be hard. Ice cream salt. Churning for hours on end. I guess I was thinking about when my dad would make homemade ice-cream back in the day. 

But enter: the modern day ice cream maker. Who doesn't love a good time-saver? 

You freeze the drum overnight. You refrigerate the mixture 1-2 hours. You churn for 15-20 minutes. 

Our first batch we decided to keep it simple: banana. 

Two bananas. 2% milk, (instead of the whole milk it called for) half and half (instead of heavy cream) and a little bit of real maple syrup (instead of white sugar). Oh, and a pinch of sea salt. 

So simple and fresh. Banana ice-cream for breakfast? Mayyyyybe. 

Next flavors to try: double stuffed Oreo, peppermint, Mexican chocolate, almond... 

Any fun, flavor suggestions? 


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