Domestic in Decatur: Salisbury Steak

Alright. I needed to prove/remind Jimmy that I was a decent cook. I have gotten into a rut of cooking healthy which can make for bland meals. Usually it's fine by me, but Jimmy likes his food with lots of flavor and fat.

That won't help our goal, you know, to STAY ALIVE but once in awhile I like a good greasy meal as much as the next gal.

This morning over coffee, I flipped it to The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. The last time I watched TPW, I made what she was cooking. This time... you guessed it. She got me to want to make Salisbury steak. 

This is not something we ate growing up so I've never made it.

Jimmy loves this stuff, though: intensely southern dishes. I used her recipe minus the browning and seasoning sauce. We also don't keep ketchup in the house, so I used BBQ sauce. Everything else was the same right down to frying the meat in some butter.

Frying meat in butter?!

Whatever you say, PW. I also used not the leanest ground beef so it would be more flavorful.

Instead of regular, white mashed potatoes I made whipped sweet potatoes. They were divine and had some unlikely ingredients.

Here's my recipe: I peeled, cubed and boiled two large sweet potatoes. I drained the water and put the cooked potatoes in a mixing bowl. Added a little milk, a little softened cream cheese, a little butter. I also added some nutmeg, chipotle chili powder, salt, pepper.

I thought adding salt and pepper to sweet potatoes (Something I saw Rachel Ray do) would be weird. WRONG. Sooooo good. Try it.

For our something green, I did zucchini. There was butter in those too. Everything turned out really good. SEE JIMMY I CAN COOK.

But don't get used to all this frying meats in butter non-sense.


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