New Place, Favorite Spaces

And, exhale. We're finally getting settled.
This is much more of a grown-up kind of place and I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon it. 
We're renting from a nice lady whose late husband was a wheelchair. When we toured the space for the first time, she was very relatable to our situation.  Although it's not wheelchair accessible, it works for us, for now.
The floor plan is very open and gives Jimmy lots of room to zoom all around.
This gave us an opportunity to get rid of some old, broken, hand-me-down furniture and get a few new items.
I wanted to share some of my favorite little spaces in our new home.    

I've had this since the last place but it made the cut.

I like the reminder so I framed it and made it pretty.

Because let's face it. Shit could be worse.

My painted nightstand, giant pineapple basket and our M wedding cake topper. 

This is one of the little reasons I love this place.
I miss having a ceiling fan but this is gorgeous.

If it was good enough for Mary Tyler Moore, it's good enough for Jaimie Lee Moore.

This is our new dining room table. It's higher than the average table so it's perfect for Jimmy to wheel up to and get some grub.

It makes a difference not having to stand to eat.
I loved this photo so used a Groupon to have it enlarged onto a canvas. Wherever you go in the house, Jimmy's smile follows you...

Foyer, key, mail, umbrella area.
And what do ya know: another M.

Our patio. And, there's a little drop at the door step so stacking door mats right now is what we're doing for Jimmy to get in and out until I figure out a temporary ramp situation.
The hallway leading into Jimmy's room...

And finally, Scarlett. She gets a wall to herself because she's Scarlett.


  1. what a great home.Love it,you did a great job.Gail Osborne

  2. It's gorgeous! I love the floors, and the built ins, and your style, and that stacking rugs idea is genius, I tell you!

  3. I cannot wait to visit, that is so pretty! Very grown up!

  4. Love it!!! Love the built ins!!! Glad y'all are getting settled in!

  5. Love the whole aura that your house seems to create and i totally love that sign "shit could be worse" . Very true that is . Wish you lots of luck with the new house and the start of a new segment of your life :)


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