Spreading Cupcake Cheer

I had fun doing hospital deliveries today.  I realize how this could sound contradictory.
A friend has a cousin in the hospital near Atlanta. I would take her some goodies. It was a good opportunity for me to drop off some more cupcakes to a SCI patient at Shepherd we've been visiting.
The couple of times we had CamiCakes delivered to us in the hospital it was just... pure icing heaven. I have been more than happy to pay this one forward.
I know this is a good gift because the second you walk into Shepherd with CamiCakes you get attacked with excitement from people in the hallways. It's comical. People 'round these parts know the pink cake box and what it's all about.
I made a quick visit to our new friend JD at Shepherd, who looks so much better compared to two weeks ago when I saw him last. Just a reminder, he's a 22-year old from Little Rock who has a similar injury to Jimmy's. He's currently on the ventilator (although he's starting to wean himself off -- which is fantastic!)
He got his neck collar off and looks more alive now! I remember how much better Jimmy felt about life when he got his neck collar off.  What a difference that can make when the healing is slow.
I got a chance to talk with JD and his father this afternoon. It was nice of them to take time to talk with me about JD's progress.
Then, off to John's Creek to drop off some goodies for a friend's cousin. My plan for this 19-year old and her family: cupcakes in a pink box, good nail polish, nail polish remover, tinted lip balm and fruity gum.
I figured out a couple of things about myself today: I love doing this. I'm trying to figure out a way I could make money delivering personalized goodie-bags to patients and their families.
And also, I'm really good at spending other people's money. 


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