BBQ, Rain and Hot Glazed

We're getting out more. I'm not sure what has sparked it, but I'm going with it. Here's a few photos. 

I already told you about Steely Dan. We've also been going out to watch football which feels very "normal" and something we used to do a lot pre-injury. So, happiness.

Jimmy is pushing himself more to be able to do certain things and I'm so proud of him for doing that. Yay for husband. It would be so much easier to stay home.

Jimmy wanted to go to the Atlanta BBQ Festival last weekend, so we went. It was hot and sensory overload so we didn't stay long. Long enough for Jimmy to eat and pose with some pig.
What you can't see here is the giant bag of BBQ I'm carrying that we got from the restaurant next to our home. A different day, more BBQ. This was a down day for Jimmy but I felt like a quick walk outside would help his mood.  So he humored me and came. It's amazing what some sunshine and fresh air can do.
Don't get me started on The Day of Rain. Horrible idea to go to the UNC vs. Ga. Tech game. Also sucked that no one could properly guide us to our seats. After doing laps around the stadium, some nice workers finally found a spot for us to stay put under a ledge.

This is us making the most out of a crappy day. At least Jimmy got to see his Heels score.
This happened. After that.
And it was heaven in the form of a hot, glazed doughnut.
I walked into KK looking (and probably smelling) like a wet dog. Jimmy couldn't have stopped me if he tried.
The soul wants what the soul wants.


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